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Tips from professional host Pavel Kovcheg

Key Responsibilities of a Host

  • Create a vibrant festive atmosphere.

The host is the person who manages people's emotions. The entire atmosphere of the event depends on this person. The task of a professional host is to create an atmosphere where everyone will be happy. An atmosphere where every guest can feel the "childlike" joy and experience carefree relaxation, where there is no need to maintain a "mask of formality." A good host can always unite the guests into one big family, whether it's a wedding, a corporate event, or a birthday party.

  •   Be sincere.

This profession does not forgive insincerity. It's akin to a vocal performance. A singer must fully live through every word of their song, only then can it touch the hearts of the audience. The stronger and more "tasty" the inner energy of the artist, the more attractive they become to the audience. When working with emotions, it's impossible to deceive an educated audience; they will not accept the host on a subconscious level.

Summary: A host must be energetic, sincere, and have a rich inner world.

  • –°reate excitement.

Hosting an event well is sometimes not enough. It's necessary to know how to maintain the excitement (tempo and rhythm) throughout the entire celebration, as it determines the progression (development) of emotions. Nowadays, being just a good specialist or doing something well is not enough! You need to challenge not only your own life and work but even when you're at an event. Imagine if the host is afraid to challenge the audience, to make them explode with real, vivid emotions, then why do we need this person at all?! The host must create and sustain the excitement of the event and, at some point, simply ignite the audience! It's important to work to the maximum and fully commit to the process!

  • Synchronize with the audience.

Audiences at events are typically very diverse, so it's extremely important for the host to be able to sense the mood of the guests and create a comfortable atmosphere where everyone will find it interesting and enjoyable. This requires being something of a psychologist. Such an experience cannot be gained quickly because the host needs to have enough mistakes and victories to be able to feel every guest, even without looking at them (and this is not figurative). A professional host easily synchronizes with any audience, taking into account people's character and interests.

  • Take responsibility for the entire event!

Sometimes unexpected situations can arise during a celebration. The host's task is to be the "lifesaver" who can handle the situation and any unforeseen circumstances. For this, the host needs to possess many qualities: stress resistance, positive thinking, leadership skills, management skills, organizational abilities, a basic understanding of psychology, and many other skills that allow them to calmly take control of any situation and turn it from negative to positive.

Choosing a host is a responsible process, but when you find the right person, you'll have a real celebration that you'll remember for years to come. (c) Pavel Kovcheg