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Pavel Kovcheg launched the project "KNYAZ

The radio host of Europa Plus and showman Pavel Kovcheg has launched a new music project called "Knyaz" (Prince).

Europa Plus can boast numerous interesting and highly-rated projects. Perhaps the secret of the radio station lies in its continuous improvement and openness to new ideas from its employees. So, at the beginning of the new year, Europa Plus host Pavel Kovcheg presented his music project "Knyaz."

Pavel, is the name "Knyaz" not a bit grandiose? Tell us about the project.

I'll start by saying that the project itself, like me, is absolutely not grandiose. It's down-to-earth. The name "Knyaz" just happened to fit the overall concept. I had the idea to create a bright, fun performance that would blend modern style with folk elements. We succeeded in doing that.

The project itself is aimed at entertaining our nation, our fellow Ukrainians. It's about poking fun at everyday life and satirizing social issues. For example, the song "Dear, Buy Me a Boiler" pokes fun at the ongoing situation in cities across Ukraine, where there are constant issues with hot water, and primarily, it's needed by our women and children. The song "Daddy, I Want Candy" talks about the constant need for attention from women.

Light self-irony is something that can always save you from a bad mood. Did you motivate yourself with this when creating the project?

Yes! Ukraine is not experiencing the brightest times right now, so I wanted people to take their problems a bit more lightly. But the project is not just about making fun of certain facts. It reminds us of strong love, emphasizes the uniqueness of Ukraine, and, of course, it's created to entertain and get those who have never danced to start dancing. I've assembled a powerful team of musicians, dancers, and choreographers to ignite the hearts of Ukrainians.

When do you plan to officially launch the project? And is there already a first hit?

The project is in its final stages, but I want to perfect everything as much as possible. There was a very active corporate season during which I also had to give my best as a host. Launching a new high-quality project requires time, energy, and resources. That's why we've been working on the finishing touches during the holiday season.

The hit will be determined by the audience when we release it fully online and make official presentations on Europa Plus radio station and M1 TV channel. Personally, I have favorite songs that are more on the humorous side.

Who is the project aimed at?

The project is targeted at an audience aged 18 to 60 years old. It's for active, cheerful, creative, socially engaged people who love life. To be honest, when we launched the project, I didn't delve into such details; I just enjoyed being in the studio and writing the lyrics. Only now do we understand the kind of product we've created.

What is your team's ultimate goal?

The ultimate goal is to gain popularity in Ukraine and neighboring CIS countries. We have everything we need for this: a finished product, media support, and an environment that believes in it. So, we have no other option but to become popular, especially since we're doing everything with heart.