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Pavel Kovcheg has launched his own show on Europa Plus

Two years ago, a project called "Expert Opinion" started on one of the capital's most popular radio stations. The project quickly gained popularity and became highly successful among entrepreneurs and large businesses.

Yes, everyone is accustomed to hearing radio presentations of new songs, concert projects, movies, and so on. But very few have risked systematically inviting business leaders and revealing all the nuances of successful company strategies. 

What does your project provide for businesses?

First and foremost, businesses now have the opportunity to showcase themselves to an audience of 200,000 people, convey all the values of their company, and potentially engage their audience. One broadcast effectively represents a company in front of its employees, potential investors, partners, and other business connections. Many have earned up to 100,000 UAH from just one broadcast. Therefore, we consider its value to be very high.

What does your project offer to your audience? Isn't it boring to listen to such broadcasts?

It all depends on the host, their sincerity, and their involvement in the topic being presented by the speaker. The speaker undoubtedly enhances the broadcast. However, we ourselves are concerned about the quality of the broadcasts, as many people are afraid of public speaking. We address this issue through thorough preparation. The audience always appreciates hearing genuine emotions, relevant topics, and successful case studies. We thoroughly vet each company, and the accuracy of the quality of services or products always corresponds to what the company representative has presented. Consequently, we have organized an internal club of VIP clients, allowing them to exchange services among themselves without worrying about their quality.

How many people work on this project?

Our team consists of 12 full-time employees and 5 freelance members. This includes client managers, a producer, an administrator, an operator, an editor, a photographer, a journalist, and hosts. We fill our broadcasting schedule with companies that will be interesting to our audience five days a week from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Every team member is incredibly valuable and keeps our machine running at full throttle.

What is the ultimate goal of the project?

The ultimate goal of the project is primarily to continue in the same spirit and possibly, in the future, create our own YouTube channel (currently it's trendy and relevant) where we would delve even deeper into companies and visualize everything valuable that would be interesting to our audience: from effective solutions that have led to good results to mistakes through which we've already gained experience. We want to inspire and motivate our Ukrainian people to take action. In short, our project has an educational mission.

Who has been on your show?

In general, our studio has hosted the entire Ukrainian show business, part of the European show business, as well as politicians. Over the past two years, we've had about 600 entrepreneurs from different niches. We've created a platform where people can exchange experiences, make friends, and be heard. Our entire team is very passionate about this project, and that can't help but inspire!